Bands will take over the world.

Anonymous asked:

Whats ur gender?

Someone please tell me why this is so important to everyone?? XDD

Anonymous asked:

Tell me if your a boy or girl or god so help me i will. Do nothing but cry. 😭😭😭😭

Lol I might post a picture soon for all my lovely followers to see for themselves

Anonymous asked:


Is this the same anonymous person over and over again? XD

foundinmyimagination asked:

Is it true that if someone kisses your head they get good luck? No wonder Jack kisses it so much


ive heard, ive never been able to do it myself so im kinda fucked

It is true! After kissing Adam’s head last year at Warped Tour, I saw my first love for the first time and now we’ve been dating for almost 7 months :)

Anonymous asked:

Are you a boy or a girl? Because i'm kinda confused

It’s a mystery